Anonymous: "justemi for life <333"

crazy how people still send me messages and follow me.. haven’t used this blog in like almost a year…

Anonymous: "I understand what you mean, but I have a lot of friends and I am happy and I still have my fandom tumblr and I get why you don't want to go on anymore and I understand but I disagree when you say it makes you antisocial, because it doesn't, YOU make YOURself anti social (i am refering to people in general obvs)."

yeah, don’t get me wrong, i had alot of friends when i used my blog too. The only problem was that i thought about the blog all the time, and after i stopped using it, i’ve been soooo much happier. I think it varies from person to person, but that is just how i felt. And yeah, i probably made myself less social, because when things were a little annoying or anything like that, i could just go on my blog and everything would be better, until i closed my computer down and it was basically just a bad circle. It’s just an advice! And it worked for me!

omfg my sister just send me a pic of 1d’s perfume and wrote ‘this is maybe the gayest thing i have ever seen’ i could not agree more im screamign bye

Title: How to love
Artist: Demi Lovato ft. Justin Bieber
Played: 10335 times


justin with another girl i’m screaming get it it man


Hello, so since we’re now half way in to 2013 - wow time flies, I’ve decided to make a follow forever. These are the people that entertain me on a daily basis, either with flawless blog posts or weird af drama. Their edits, text posts and the things they reblog are what makes my dashboard interesting. I’ll follow these people forever, even the ones that are not following me back. I love you all! - Ida-Eveline.

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I’m truly sorry if I forgot anyone, if I did - Please message me asap and I’ll add you right away!

Hi! So, this is my follow forever :-) It took me a while to do this cause like most of you changed your url and stuffs so yeah and I’m too lazy to make one so it’s kind of a miracle that I made one lol anyways the reason that your urls are on this post ha cause i wanted to let you know how much perfect you are and how much i love your blogs and most of you are really really great friends sobs ok I love you all ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ (just find yourself omg)

-whenusmile / 2x01 / adorauhl / adoredrews / allfredoflores / arijoanz / ashbensos / bealrightts / beautynabeat / beliebers / bellisare / beyourangels / bieberfondues / biebergasmic / biebermynigguh / bieberscolors / biebeur / bieboner / biebrauhl / biebersofficial / bodyglitters / coloringthesuns / bowdowns / bradfordnights / bredleycooper / bubblysoap / bustin / canadiancharm / chachibieber / cleartomenows / chanelcelayas / creepingjustin / ddrews / demivatos / dieinyoursarm / doctorbieber / dopedrews / downtoearths / dreamalouds / drewsational / dropinoceans / drumrauhl / iheartmcyrus / fadingmelodys / fadingyous / falsetos / feelikeyoudo / deuecs / delusionalslove / fantasykidrauhl / fallingoncloudnine / ffinicks / flawlessbieber / flytoyous / fuckyesbieber / happinessishardtofind / harryedward / harrysteyls / hazzcox / hesstillkidrauhl / hrvelle / igooglebieber / iheartrobandkristen / imaginny / imsodonewithjustinbieber / itsjustinsbieber / itsalibertywalk- / jdbiebers / jelenur / jileys / joshdevines / juicyjustin / jumbomumble / jusitins / justemis / justindieber / justindrewbieber / justingasm / justinjieber / justinshairflip / justlikethem /  k1drauhl / keepitalives / jaisbrooks / jazzycast / kelscollins / kendelljennar / kidrauhl / kidrauhlhood / kingbieber / kurberry / lesunrises / letgoandletgods / letswriteafairytale- / liampaynerr / lightsgobright / lightthefuze / llogans / ihearmelodies / loganlernam / lookatbiebernow / lookatmenowbiebs / lostsinconfusions / justalightweight / justinsbiebuh / jadinsmith / lovaters / loveatos / makeyoubeleive / mccannjason / mczayn / meplusyous / mmistletoe / morningsuns / neversaysnever / neverletyousgo / newyorrks / ofgraces / ofharrystyles / ofjustindrews / ohlordbieber / ohmybieber / onlyforyous / ourbiebers / onedirections / outoftowngirls / ownmynight / popchoran / ppickme / privateagentmars / raaachaaaelll / rightshere / rockmafias / rockrauhl / ofamistletoe / ryanggood / russetts / secute / selenasangel / sexybieb / sonofaguns / sstyls / starkmyass / smokingweedwithjustinbieber / schoee / stateofgraces / stopthisgirl / stratfordcanada / stratfordsbaby / stunningbieber / swaggingkidrauhl / sweetiebiebs / swoggy / taakeyou / takeyous / talkofloves / teampeetas / teamstratford / thatkidbieber / thatkidkidrauhl / thatsexybieber / thepastlies / ttitaniums / turntoyus / tylersposeys / untangledskys / vesperss / whatkidrauhl / whitebiebs / whoaharry / wmyb / yolobieber / youbelieved / youngtonight / yourgold / youtubieber / zaynsmalik / zeynmalik / zustin / +blogroll

oh btw if i forgot anyone which i think i did but i hope i didn’t forget anyone, just tell me and i’ll add you cause it’s gonna be a long time that i’ll make a follow forever again ha ♡♡♡